City Attorney



•By City Charter, the Office of the City Attorney handles City litigation, provides legal advice and opinions, prepares and reviews City resolutions and ordinances, drafts contracts and other legal documents, and prosecutes violations of City ordinances in Municipal Court.

•To improve the quality of life in the City of Marshall, the Office of the City Attorney has initiated a higher volume of nuisance actions than ever before, based on building and health code violations, tenant disturbances, drug activity, and irresponsible businesses.

•The Office of the City Attorney handles an increasing case workload that includes thousands of lawsuits and administrative cases. Assistant City Attorneys litigate civil rights cases, personal injury actions, evictions, razing cases, labor grievances, contract and constructions cases, as well as condemnation and real estate matters.

•The Office of the Attorney has established streamlined procedures to collect outstanding claims and judgments, and has created a citywide bankruptcy clearing house, in an effort to increase City revenues.

•Hundreds of contracts, resolutions, ordinances, and opinions are prepared annually by City Attorney staff lawyers.

•The Ordinance Enforcement Division, located in the Police Administration Building, efficiently manages a caseload of municipal prosecutions numbering in the tens of thousands.

Notice: The City Attorney’s client is the legal entity of the City of Marshall, Texas. Lawyers are prohibited from providing legal advice to the public or to parties other than the municipal corporation of the City of Marshall. The City Attorney’s Office cannot represent or advise private individuals in legal matters about the City Of Marshall.

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