Charter Review Committee


About the Charter Review Committee:

The Charter Review Committee is an ad hoc committee of six members appointed by the Marshall City Commission, and two City Commission members who serve as ex-officio members, for the purpose of reviewing, holding hearings upon, and making recommendations to the City Commission, if any, of proposed amendments to the City Charter. Each member must be qualified to vote in a municipal election in Marshall, Texas. The City Commission shall consider recommendations and any proposed amendments made by the Charter Review Committee, and shall submit the amendments for voter approval in a municipal election.

Committee Members

Scott Carlile

Angelita Jackson

Herbert Johnson

​Stacia Runnels

Diane Seal

Ed Smith


Ex-officio Members

City Commissioner Vernia Calhoun (District 5)

City Commissioner Amy Ware (District 4)


Legal Consultant

Dorothy G. Palumbo, Of Counsel, Bojorquez Law Firm, PC


City Staff Liaisons

Mark Rohr (City Manager)

Scott Rectenwald (City Attorney)

Stormy Nickerson (Communications Coordinator)

Nikki Smith (Deputy City Secretary)


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