City Plans

The General Plan of the City of Marshall serves as a broad umbrella type of plan that outlines in a general way goals for the physical and economic growth and improvement of the community.  The General Plan covers a long time frame, 20 years or longer.  Implementation plans are put in place in the context established by the broad umbrella of the General Plan.  The Implementation Plans address more specific implementation programs to deal with needs in the community that are identified in a broad way in the General Plan.  Implementation Plans cover a shorter time frame, three to ten years.  Implementation plans are specific enough to identify specific projects and sources of funding for those projects that can lead to implementation of those projects.  The City’s annual budget functions as a type of annual implementation plan that covers what the City will do in the current fiscal year to address needs in the community and implement projects as funding is available to address those needs.  Projects and programs funded in the annual budget are based on priorities identified by the City Commission at the beginning of the budget preparation process each year. 
This page contains links to the City’s General Plan and the various implementation plans that different parts of the City’s organizations are working to implement or are following as they address needs in the community.  Clicking on any of the items below will take you to a copy of that plan. 

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