City Commission

The municipal government of the City of Marshall is known as a council-manager type of government. All powers of the City rest in an elected Commission, which enacts local legislation, adopts budgets, determines policies, appoints the City Secretary, City Attorney, and Judge of the Municipal Court. The Commission also appoints the City Manager, who executes the laws and administers the government of the City.

Each election is held in May and the City Commission selects from its members one Commissioner to serve as Mayor. The City Commission has regularly scheduled Commission Meetings on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month at 6:00 p.m. Residents are encouraged to attend these meetings and may voice their concerns or views on issues not listed on the scheduled meeting agenda. Individuals who wish to voice concerns on items not related to the agenda are limited to three minutes or less. However, if more than three minutes is needed, please contact the City Secretary prior to the beginning of the meeting to ask for an additional two minutes to express your views.

The City is divided into four single-member districts.

District 1 - Marvin Bonner

District 2 - Leo Morris

District 3 - Terri Brown 

District 4 - Amy Ware

Elections for these four districts are held in odd-numbered years.


The City is divided into three single-member districts.

District 5 - Vernia Calhoun

District 6 - Larry Hurta

District 7 - Doug Lewis

Elections for these three districts are held in even-numbered years.

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