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City of Marshall, Texas Police Department

The Marshall Police Department has been proudly serving the community of Marshall for 125 plus years currently employing 51 sworn police officers and 19 civilians.

The Department is led by Chief Cliff Carruth and supported by two Captains. Each Captain is responsible for one or more major components within the Department's structure: the Administrative, Investigative, and Patrol Divisions.

The Marshall Police Department strives to remain at the forefront of professional policing. This is accomplished by addressing community safety as the department's primary concern. The men and women of the Marshall Police Department are wholeheartedly committed to the goal of keeping our neighborhoods crime free. From the officers on patrol to the Detectives working on cases; from the Chief to the newest rookie officer...all maintain a strong spirit of commitment, teamwork, and service to the Marshall community, as we Put Our Community First. 

The Marshall Police Department has several specialized divisions that play a vital role in the overall effectiveness of the department. The divisions include: Crime Scene Investigation, K-9 Unit, Marshall Criminal Apprehension Team (MCAT), motorcycle patrol and a juvenile section. Following the motto, “Putting Our Community First,” MPD has applied a community-based policing philosophy which features several community focused programs, including Neighborhood Watch, Crimestoppers and safety programs for kids.

By looking through our web pages, you will be able to glimpse the inter-workings of the Department. The pages include pictures, information on special programs, phone numbers, and other helpful information.

If you wish to make a compliment or complaint regarding any police encounter you may contact the Marshall Police Department at the following:


Marshall Police Department
2101 East End Blvd North
Marshall, TX 75670


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