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City of Marshall, Texas Police Department

The Marshall Police Department has been proudly serving the community of Marshall for 111 years currently employing 51 sworn police officers and 19 civilians.

The Department is led by Chief Jesus "Eddie" Campa, and supported by two Captains. Each Captain is responsible for one or more major components within the Department's structure: the Administrative, Investigative, and Patrol Divisions.

The Marshall Police Department strives to remain at the forefront of professional policing. This is accomplished by addressing community safety as the department's primary concern. The men and women of the Marshall Police Department are wholeheartedly committed to the goal of keeping our neighborhoods crime free. From the officers on patrol, to the Detectives working on cases; from the Chief to the newest rookie officer...all maintain a strong spirit of commitment, teamwork, and service to the Marshall community, as we Put Our Community First. 

The Marshall Police Department features many specialized "Divisions" playing a critical role in the overall effectiveness of the Department. Specialized Divisions consist of the Crime Scene Investigation, SWAT, Canine Patrol, Narcotics Unit, Marshall Criminal Apprehension Team (MCAT), Motorcycle Patrol and a Juvenile Section. The Marshall Police Department is dedicated to putting our community first by applying a Community Based Policing Philosophy.  The Marshall Police Department also features Community Policing, Crime Stoppers, and D.A.R.E. Programs.

By looking through our web pages, you will be able to glimpse the inter-workings of the Department. The pages include pictures, information on special programs, phone numbers, and other helpful information.

MPD 2015 Strategic Plan

Marshall Police and ETBU Team up for Training


Marshall Police Chief Jesus “Eddie” Campa poses with several supporters of the “No Colors, No Labels” initiative after the city commissioners declared the city a “No Colors, No Labels” city. 

July 9, 2015 will be marked as a historical moment for the city of Marshall, as the city commission passed a resolution naming Marshall a “No Colors, No Labels” city. 
The resolution was requested by Marshall Police Chief Jesus “Eddie” Campa, who facilitated the “No Colors, No Labels” initiative as an effort to stop racism by promoting diversity and acceptance of all. This initiative is an effort to erase preconceived notions that police are racially-motivated. 
The resolution passed unanimously and was met with cheers from supporters of the NCNL Initiative who were in the audience.  Audience members raised placards with #nocolorsnolabels, #iamhuman, 
#endracism and #humanlivesmatter on them. Campa said of the commissioners’ approval, “This is a pivotal movement for Marshall – a community that has a rich history in the racial turmoil of the 1950s and 60s.”  
 “Marshall, Texas can be a voice that needs to be heard. Now is the time for all of us – blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, rich, poor, male female – to come together.  This will be the only way that progress can happen.” Campa said. “We should celebrate our differences, instead of letting our differences divide us.”  
“People tend to criticize what they don’t understand. Through the NCNL Initiative, we will educate our citizens that even though there are differences in our heritage, we are all part of the human race.  I hope this initiative will bring our community together as one,” Campa said. 
Chief Campa plans to continue the social media campaign already in place, but also add a grassroots effort of educating the community about the different cultures in the community. Culture awareness events are being planned, as well as community forums and various learning seminars. 
The first public information meeting for “No Colors, No Labels,” will be from 6 – 7 p.m., Thursday, July 16, at the Marshall Police Department. Chief Campa will give a presentation to the public regarding the ‘No Colors, No Labels Initiative,’ and have community members register to be a part of the initiative. He also will unveil the new NCNL website and a schedule of future activities planned. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in the awareness campaign, which will involve official photos and videos. 
For more information, call (903)935-4543 or email holland.becky@marshalltexas.net. Visit the NCNL Facebook page at http://facebook.com/nocolorsnolabels

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